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'None Shall Pass'</u>

Directly in their path

His blade raised high

Strong and unyielding he stands

A pillar of strength

Illuminated by the force

Flowing through his every muscle

As they approach he firmly says

'None shall pass'

They keep coming

One after the next

Thousands of warriors

Ever ready to send him to his fate

And yet he holds fast

'None shall pass'

Time fades into eternity

Any moment could be his last

But this right here

This was who he was

Standing in the corridor of his destiny

Everything leading up to this

Never faltering, never wavering

'None shall pass'

The end or the beginning

It makes no difference to him

He is both here and nowhere

The energy passing through him

It has become him

Fully aware and yet distant

He knows only his purpose

'None shall pass'

As his burning light fades away

He does not fail

As his breath escapes his lips

Forever burning in his lungs

A single thought takes him away

Becoming one with the force

He burns the words like fire into his memory

'None shall pass'
I wrote this as a result of not being able to sleep. I picked up 'traitor' and was reading through it, and remembered how much I liked the way the author wrote it. It's almost poetic in a sense, his words were often almost lyrical. Anyways, I loved Ganner Rhysode's last stand *snuffle* it's probably one of the only deaths I though was worthy of who they killed off in the NJO. In any case, enough rambling on my part and lets get to the poem! - oh yeah, and I don't own any star wars characters unfortunately!
ZackFairLover Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2009
I know, Ganner was so awesome! Great job on this, by the way. And much as I hated it, Chewie's death was kinda would take an entire moon to kill him ^^
Tutis75 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009
Great job. Really does a good job describing the scene.
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